Land Management

18FiFTY3 Groups Land Management team was founded to bring together both traditional and scientific approaches to land management. Our Ranges have worked across Australia in many environments and pride ourselves on Aboriginal employment and involvement, sustainable outcomes and joint land management strategies.

18FiFTY3 is able to support Flora and Fauna Surveys, weed management, project manage rehabilitation projects, assist in community engagement and access.

Weed Management

  • Weed eradication
  • Control and planning solutions
  • Ground operations, knapsack, all terrain vehicles, 4WD spray rigs
  • Weed Mapping
  • Aerial spraying, spot and broad acre

Pest Management

  • Aerial Pest Management Solutions
  • Ground Management Solutions
  • Community Engagment
  • Flora and Fauna Survey support and management
  • Licensed Indigenous Shooters

Rehabilitation Services

Providing environmental rehabilitation services to mining, defense, local government and private companies.

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