18fifty3 Group tech department strives to implement new technologies to both our Environmental and Training teams as well as operations in specific fields. Due to the nature and security of the technologies 18fifty3 group are specific in approaches to market. The group is continually looking to engage new systems and present to our clients solutions that can help them train, grow, engage and save

Our Services include;


Offering complete solutions to government and private sector business both urban and remote through an indigenous business supporting and training Indigenous Australians. Single point of contact project management that supplies clients with a complete solution from planning to boots on the ground to achieve the project requirements on time while utilising Indigenous Australians skill sets.

Aboriginal Owned & Operated

18FiFTY3 Group is Aboriginal owned. The group strives to employee and train Indigenous Australians and is developing training solutions to bring jobs to communities in the aviation, transport and civil sectors.

Quality & Safety

18FiFTY 3 Group operates to an integrated quality and safety management system. Providing a product to its clients that meets the highest expectations.

Innovative Solutions

Providing state of the art transport and training solutions to multiple industries the 18FiFTY3 group aims to give its clients real solutions to their needs while operating the latest products.