Weed Management

Weed management and control solutions are provided by the 18FiFTY3 team that reduce the impact of weeds on our clients landscapes in both remote and urban environments. Our aim is to maintain and enhance the biodiversity through the specialised and effective weed control measures employed on site using integrated pest management strategies that include forward planning, monitoring and timely decision making. Control solutions include but not limited too, cultural methods, selective herbicide application, broad acre spraying, aerial applications and knapsack application.

18FiFTY3 Group manages weeds in a variety of ways and utilise different methods that vary pending many factors including environmental, customer requirements, landscape and size. The main treatment used when it comes to treating  weeds is herbicide. Using the right herbicide, at the right time, with the right technique is the best way to ensure you don’t have to retreat the same density and problem year after year.

When a customer engages 18FiFTY3 Group to manage weed problems we look take the following steps with our customers;

  1. Identify the weed species.
  2. How dense or big is the infestation?
  3. Where is the infestation located? Are there any environmental factors that need to be considered for treatment?
  4. Develop an integrated management strategy. Consider your property’s conditions and capabilities, access to machinery and technology.

The company is able to provide

  • Hand Spray portable spray units
  • Boom spray from small all terrain vehicles to larger tractor spray rigs
  • Spot Spray options from all terrain vehicles and larger 4×4 vehicles
  • Aerial Spray options


Offering complete solutions to government and private sector business both urban and remote through an indigenous business supporting and training Indigenous Australians. Single point of contact project management that supplies clients with a complete solution from planning to boots on the ground to achieve the project requirements on time while utilising Indigenous Australians skill sets.

Aboriginal Owned & Operated

18FiFTY3 Group is Aboriginal owned. The group strives to employee and train Indigenous Australians and is developing training solutions to bring jobs to communities in the aviation, transport and civil sectors.

Quality & Safety

18FiFTY 3 Group operates to an integrated quality and safety management system. Providing a product to its clients that meets the highest expectations.

Innovative Solutions

Providing state of the art transport and training solutions to multiple industries the 18FiFTY3 group aims to give its clients real solutions to their needs while operating the latest products.