Earthmoving & Civil

18FiFTY3 Group are civil earthworks, rural and remote earthworks and management specialists. Our team of specialists are highly experienced in civil operations in urban and remote areas. Operating a full service, integrated approach under a quality and safety management system the company is able to offer its clients experienced professionals to complete multiple tasks. Integrating with our Environmental Management work the earthworks team operate in varied environments and maintaining tracks, fence lines, machine mulching fire corridors and rehabilitating sites.

Civil Construction

18FiFTY3 Group thorough investigation and exploration into all possible methodologies for any Civil project ensures they can offer their clients the following:

  • Increased production and reduced program time
  • Savings for larger jobs
  • Better site safety and public perception of the project

18FiFTY3 Group Civil arm seeks out challenges and view difficult and unique projects as opportunities. The team use the skills gained during their years of experience to achieve program objectives and pass on cost savings to clients. 18FiFTY3 Civil do this through innovative work techniques, cutting edge machinery and by offering intelligent design alternatives for these projects.

Remote Operations

Operating across remote Australia, 18FiFTY3 Group are able to provide planning and risk assessments and alternatives in hard to get to places.


Environmental Management planning is essential to creating practical and economical solutions for our clients to produce realistic solutions with clear actions plans. Working with our clients to develop sound planning and reporting to meet a variety of needs. 18FiFTY3 Group can provide an intergrated pest management plan for private, mining and government lands. (IPM) integrated pest management is an environmentally sensitive way of managing pests. It uses a combination of practices and control methods with the aim of preventing problems from occurring and reducing the need for pesticide intensive activities such as broadacre spraying.

Mapping and GIS

Utilising modern mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) the 18FiFTY3 team are combining modern technology with traditional land management. Understanding the interdependence of the earth’s ecosystems and human impact on the environment requires a great deal of information and analytical capacity. Doing something about it requires insight and collaboration. 18FiFTY3 team can populate real time data while in the field to obtain a better picture and real time mapping for planning and control purposes.

Landscaping and Ground Maintenance

Delivering a range of landscaping and maintenance services 18FiFTY3 team provides planning, ground maintenance, grounds and tree services. Weather it be a small cemetery to large airport 18FiFTY3 can develop a maintenance solution that will be more self sustaining to the local conditions while also providing an Indigenous workforce. Building and maintaining tracks, fences, lookouts, gardens and cycle ways 18FiFTY3 can service and manage a broad spectrum of landscaping needs.

18FiFTY3 team manage excavators, mulches, graders, bobcats to manage fence lines, non public roadways and tracks both in remote and urban conditions. Experienced planners and estimators allow the company to conduct remote operations on multiple tasks reducing clients expenditure on remote maintenance operations.


Offering complete solutions to government and private sector business both urban and remote through an indigenous business supporting and training Indigenous Australians. Single point of contact project management that supplies clients with a complete solution from planning to boots on the ground to achieve the project requirements on time while utilising Indigenous Australians skill sets.

Aboriginal Owned & Operated

18FiFTY3 Group is Aboriginal owned. The group strives to employee and train Indigenous Australians and is developing training solutions to bring jobs to communities in the aviation, transport and civil sectors.

Quality & Safety

18FiFTY 3 Group operates to an integrated quality and safety management system. Providing a product to its clients that meets the highest expectations.

Innovative Solutions

Providing state of the art transport and training solutions to multiple industries the 18FiFTY3 group aims to give its clients real solutions to their needs while operating the latest products.