18FiFTY3 Group gained Supply Nation Certification in May 2018. This certification means that 18FiFTy Group is an indigenous business based on the Supply Nation criteria. 18FiFTY3 Group is looking forward to working with Supply Nation to provide better outcomes and more jobs for Indigenous Australians.

http://https://www.westernadvocate.com.au/story/5233495/bathurst-had-eyes-in-the-sky-at-this-weeks-bushfires-video/   NSW RFS aircraft are vital during bushfires | Video, photos, pictures Written by, NADINE MORTON Western Advocate  AS out-of-control bushfires raged across the region earlier this week, Bathurst man Ben Surawski was among the eyes in the sky helping to contain the massive blazes.  Two large bushfires – a 1276 hectare

Borroloola resident Richard Baker has literally taken to the sky in pursuit of his dreams. In February 2009, Richard became the first resident of Borroloola to qualify as a commercial helicopter pilot in the Northern Territory. Richard’s achievements were acknowledged when he won the award for Aboriginal and Torres Strait