Dealing with Woody Weeds

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Woody weeds are tough and evasive and if untreated can destroy ecosystems and grazing country. Found across Australia woody weed species include Blackberry, Prickly Acacia and Wattle, Eucalypt regrowth

The main treatment used when it comes to treating  weeds is herbicide. Using the right herbicide, at the right time, with the right technique is the best way to ensure you don’t have to retreat the same density and problem year after year.

When a customer engages 18FiFTY3 Group to manage weed problems we look take the following steps with our customers;

  1. Identify the weed species.
  2. How dense or big is the infestation?
  3. Where is the infestation located? Are there any environmental factors that need to be considered for treatment?
  4. Develop an integrated management strategy. Consider your property’s conditions and capabilities, access to machinery and technology.
  5. What are the best herbicides to use and how to spray in an effective yet environmentally friendly manner. Do you need herbicides or can you control with mulching or other methods.

If you are having a problem contact the team at 18FiFTY3 Group to discuss.

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