18FiFTY3 Group prides itself on its diverse group of team members. Our Aboriginal director and leaders drive the group to develop great products, world class training and deliver on our targets. 18FiFTY3 Group is an equal opportunity employer, and strive to provide work opportunities and job outcomes to Indigenous Australians.

Indigenous Team

John Sayers


Noel Butler

Mentor & Horticulturalists

Richard Baker

NT Manager


Offering complete solutions to government and private sector business both urban and remote through an indigenous business supporting and training Indigenous Australians. Single point of contact project management that supplies clients with a complete solution from planning to boots on the ground to achieve the project requirements on time while utilising Indigenous Australians skill sets.


Ben Surawski, General Manager – 18FiFTY3 Group.

Ben Surawski business and commercial management career have led him to learn the finer points of networking, stakeholder engagement and contract management in a range of areas throughout Australia and internationally.  He is proficient in delivering value and operational efficiency through the design and implementation of comprehensive people practices, strategies that drive engagement and tools to keep costs in check. His background includes 5 years in the Australian Army, time as a commercial helicopter pilot, firefighting and operating in high paced environments such as the Queensland floods of 2010, while also driving quality and safety as a lead auditor in company safety programmes.